Tour of the Gila 2010–Lance Armstrong Arrives

After watching the earlier criterium races and stopping for some truly excellent Gelato at Alotta Gelato, we noticed a crowd gathering at the northeast corner of the criterium route. As Team Mellow Johnny’s parked their motor home in that location last year, I thought perhaps I should wander over and see if anything exciting was happening. There were some very attractive bikes propped against the side of the RV.

Lovely Trek bikes

Before too long Johan Bruyneel came out of the RV, conferred with staff and chatted briefly with some of the people in the waiting crowd.

Johan flashes a smile at the crowd

The door to the motor home opened, and team Radio Shack Mellow Johnny’s emerged.

Lance emerges from the motor home

When Lance emerged from the motor home, the crowd reacted as if he were a rock star.  Lance spoke to several people in the crowd and signed many autographs.

Signing autographs

And he showed off his famous smile.

Showing off the smile

While Lance held the attention of the crowd, Levi quickly jumped on his bike and rode to the starting line, giving us all a good look at his red leader’s jersey.

The GC leader shows off his red jersey

After interacting with the crowd for about 10 minutes, Lance too jumped on his bike and headed to the criterium starting line.

And it's off to the race

Next post: The race!

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